Most people have never felt the touch of a hurricane. Prior to Isaac neither had I. People watch the TV and the only thing of interest is the Category number between 1 and 5. You should not be fooled by the number, there are other factors that are of equal and maybe greater importance. Speed and direction are every bit as important as the sustained wind speed.

Isaac was at best a lumbering huge storm with a 600 mile diameter, The real issue was when it hit land it slowed down its forward speed to a snails pace. This created a very bad situation.

Lots of rain, lots of wind, and lots of trouble. We were spared from the worst of it, we live about 20 miles north of Slidell. Most of our small town is still existing. We lost power on Wednesday and did not get it back until Thursday afternoon, But we were OK.

As I explained to TJ Hart on Wow FM “Hurricane preparedness is not something that I know a lot about but, I have beer and spam and gummy bears”

I now understand that my preparations might have been a little light. The beer and spam lasted just fine, but I ran out of gummy bears right in the middle! My explanation of this is simple, you can only drink so much beer, and although I am a Spam fan, eventually you get fed up with cold Spam. Gummy Bears on the other hand, are just yummy.

Having survived my first hurricane, I now know the routine. Fill your bath tub 1/3 of the way up with cold water. Add as much Ice as you can find. The final ingredient is beer. I recommend a minimum of a 6 pack per person/per day!

You have no idea how long the emergency might last, so I would strongly recommend that you get more beer! My wife Jan bought cases of fresh water, this made no sense, we have water everywhere! We could fill an Olympic size pool with the stuff!

The good news is… well we didn’t need to break into the water supply, the beer held out!

OK, I am joking, weather is not a fun subject. Forget about Isaac being just a number. It is not a number, it is just a problem.

Right now all eyes are on the fight to spend the next 4 years in the most exclusive hotel in the world(Fully Comp). In fact if you can scoop the deal, it comes with other perks.  A few private planes, a bunch of helicopters, and I am sure there are a couple of boats also named ONE. Bass Boat One, Canoe One, etc. In fact I would bet that there is a Fishing Pole One!

Simon Barrett

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