Is Yahya Jammeh cheating  on First Lady Zeinab Suma Jammeh?

..Jammeh secures D3million House for former First Lady Tuti Faal Jammeh at  Taf’s Yarambamba Housing Estate!!

Officials At Taf Confirm That Tuti was occuping one of their Houses but would not reveal the source of the said property…

By Correspondent Wise Man Banjul.
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Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh is not giving up his collapsed matrimonial relationship with the former first lady Tuti Faal Jammeh. The Gambian leader is reported to have secured a luxurious house for the former first lady at the Taf Yarambamba Housing Estate, where the President secretly frequent at wee hours to chill with his former wife, this paper can authoritatively reveal. A highly placed source who handles President Jammeh’s official and other private transactions informed the Freedom Newspaper about Jammeh’s secret relationship with Tuti Faal, which could cost him  his matrimonial relationship with the Moroccan born  First Lady Zeinab Suma Jammeh if  news of Jammeh’s unfaithfulness reaches  her attention. The House in question, which Jammeh secured for Tuti Faal  is situated at New Yundum. Officials at the Taf Construction Company would not comment on the said story for fear of official reprisal. An insider informed this paper that Tuti Faal was occupying one of their Houses, but would not disclose the source behind the purchase of the said magnificent house. The insider referred this reporter to the Chief Executive Officer of Taf Construction Mustapha Njie, who was indisposed for comments.

Sources close to the corridors of  power in Banjul told our Correspondent Wise Man that there are moves currently underway to possibly bring the two couples together. Sources reaching this paper say they spotted President Jammeh at the said House, where Tuti Faal is residing. Mr.Jammeh spent couples of hours with the former first lady before finally retreating to his Kanilai villa. His presence in the said Housing Estate is no secret as sources said they saw Jammeh with an unnumbered black tainted car at late night.

It’s not yet clear if First Lady Zeinab Suma Jammeh is in the picture of  Jammeh’s move to remarry Tuti Faal Jammeh, what is clear though is that the Gambian leader is busy having secret relationship with his former divorced wife Tuti Faal Jammeh. As the situation appears, Tuti Faal is apparently Jammeh’s unofficial wife. He had access to the Tuti and the house in question cost nothing less than D3Million Dalasis.

Tuti Faal spent about two years in self imposed exile in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, before finally returning to the Gambia, earlier last year. Her return was facilitated by the Gambian leader, who assured her of her full security and protection, upon her return to Banjul, even though that she was being secretly watched by Jammeh’s bully agents the NIA,  shortly after their unceremonious divorce.

Today, Tuti Faal is seeing Yahya Jammeh at a Private Estate in Yundum. Our investigations revealed that Tuti is residing at house number 77. Correspondent Wise Man who visited the area said living next to Tuti’s house was a European couple. Their house number is Number is 73. A Mauritanian is occupying building number 74. A Gambian woman whose husband is  currently residing in Germany is occupying building number 75.

Speaking to the Freedom Newspaper,  a neighbor said Tuti Faal was being sponsored by President Jammeh. The neighbor  said President Jammeh bought the said house for Tuti  and was frequenting the neighborhood at wee hours. The neighbor said they saw President Jammeh at late night disembarking from a black tainted car without number plate. The President continued the neighbor, would spend hours at Tuti’s house before retreating to his villa.

Correspondent Wise Man also met  a student with the last name Saidy who informed him that Tuti was occupying the said house with some women folks, who neighbors say their faces appeared unfamiliar. The fence of the said house is as tall as of the that of  the State House fence. Passersby hardly can view the interior of the house due to the height of the fence. Correspondent Wise man poised as an undercover visitor just to have access to Tuti Faal, but he was never welcomed, despite repeated knocks on their gate door. Wise Man later left.

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