Is Yahya Jammeh a curse for the Gambia? Cast your votes at The Freedom Newspaper invite Gambians and friends of the Gambia to vote in a new poll created by our sister web blog on the theme: Is Yahya Jammeh a curse for the Gambia? The blog can be accessed at this link: Please go ahead and cast your vote. The polls are conducted for a reason and we solicit your votes in this regard. The results would be released as soon as polling closed. Remember that the link is: Voting is currently in progress. Please pass this new blog link to friends, families, loved ones and acquaintances in the Gambia and elsewhere to access the new blog. We thank you for your attention. Look forward to seeing a high turn out in this polls. Remember, any vote matters. APRC supporters are as well free to vote. It’s across the board-pro and anti government supporters. So far preliminary results indicate 50-50 votes. Visit to see the results. Posted on Saturday, July 14, 2007 (Archive on Monday, July 30, 2007) Posted by PNMBAI Contributed by PNMBAI Return

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