A recently released analysis by Scarborough Research has found that Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all seem to have preferences that match their lifestyle when they settle down for an evening with the old boob tube. Republicans are 42% more likely to watch Fox News, 31% more likely to watch the Golf Channel, 22% more likely to watch the Speed Channel, 20% more likely to watch CMT, and 16% more likely to watch Fox Sports Net than Democrats and Independents. All the GOP voters tend to watch what you would expect. The heart of the GOP is white Fox News watching, NASCAR lovers, who are more likely to have a little more money and play golf.

Democrats are 78% more likely to watch BET than Republicans and Independents. This is probably due to the fact that many younger people and minorities listen to rap and they tend to lean Democratic. Democrats are also more likely to watch SoapNet (29%), Lifetime, and Lifetime Movie Network (27% each). These are networks targeted towards women, and women make up a large share of the Democratic Party. Democrats are also more likely to watch Court TV (26%), Oxygen (25%), Music Choice (25%), and Bravo (23%). For their cable news, Democrats are 23% more likely to watch CNN than Republicans and Independents are.

Independents are 44% more likely to watch The N, 38% more likely to watch G4, 28% more likely to watch Fuse, 22% more likely to watch Comedy Central, 19% more likely to watch Sci-Fi, 17% more likely to watch Speed, and 15% more likely to watch FX and the National Geographic Channel than Democrats and Republicans. Independents are also 19% more likely to get their cable news from MSNBC than Democrats and Republicans. The first four channels on this list are tailored to younger views, which makes sense because this mirrors the trend of more and more younger voters not identifying themselves with either political party.

No one should interpret these numbers to mean that all these networks have a political agenda, because they don’t. What is interesting about this study is that it helps paint a better general picture of the average person in each group. Our television viewing habits tend to be a direct reflection, not only of what entertains us, but also of whom we are, and our lifestyles. This study is probably more valuable for those folks who are running political campaigns, and are trying to decide where they should spend their television advertising dollars. For the rest of us this isn’t a broad social statement about our country or anything else, but it is just more confirmation that there is a culture that surrounds a person’s political affiliation. I tend not to buy into the culture war hype, but there certainly are differences between each group, and those differences are mirrored by what we watch on TV.

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