One has to wonder? First we had stories about the Rambo like Blackwater company, shooting with impunity through the country. Now we have news about two other ‘civilian’ operations. These are companies that love to keep a low profile, they make millions of dollars, but they don’t advertise, and only have one buyer, yes you guessed it, the US Government. CACI and L3, L3 at least pretend publicly to be a real organization. CACI on the other hand are about as upstanding as a Snow Man in July.

CACI supposedly is involved with the IT, or computer side of life, you can check their web site out at  What I find particularly amusing is the tag line A National Asset For National Security. Is this really a private company or another CIA Air America misadventure? CACI supposedly offers computer support, so how come Emad Al-Janabi, age 43, is suing them for some over zealous interrogation at Abu Ghraib? Most computer nerds I have met are into computers, rather than abusing prisoners. In fact the average computer nerds idea of torture would be installing Windows Vista on someones computer. Computer nerds run around with broken glasses held together with sticky tape, and talk a language that few understand. IP’s Bits, bytes, and various uses of the word Hertz. Geeks are on the whole nice, but strange people. If you asked the average geek about torture, he likely would say “OH thats easy, I would hide his USB cable”.

L3 Communications are the second group, another supposedly computer company. One can only assume that the CIA have got out of the Airline business, fuel costs are too high, and busting the ‘grow ops’ just doesn’t hit the spot. L3 are a curious company, part of the Internet ‘Backbone” but relatively unknown. The US Government gave up control of the internet in the early 90’s, but if I was a gambling man, I would say that companies like L3 are in their pocket.

The RIAA want to bust music pirates, but the Feds are after much bigger fish. But I am not sure that Osama has an email address, and even if he does, it likely won’t be! Watch me get busted on this guess, Osama will be!

The disturbing aspect to this story is that if it is to be believed, now we are outsourcing torture! cannot

Simon Barrett

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