The WWE is known for providing spectators with entertaining matches with outcomes that some like, and some do not. There are also times when the company makes decisions, very often, controversial, to create a buzz. Recently, I was perusing some articles on wrestling websites, and came across a few discussing the possibilities of World Wrestling Entertainment unifying all of their championships. After watching WWE programming over the past few weeks, I feel compelled to discuss this matter.

At Wrestlemania 25, the first of the title unifications occurred when Carlito and Primo Colon defeated John Morrison and The Miz to unify the WWE and World Tag Team Championships.  So, the Colons, along with the other Tag Champions who won the belts later on, were allowed to appear on Raw and Smackdown. Currently, Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes are the champs, and can appear on both shows. They can defend the belts against teams like Santino Marella and Vladimir Koslov, The Uso Brothers, the Hart Dynasty, and any two members of Nexus. The problem with that is, aside from those teams, there aren’t any other teams to challenge the champions. Sometimes, teams who defeat the champions in their first contest, receive a title shot a few weeks after with little build up. I think the unification of the tag titles is a good thing, but the WWE has to do a better job of building up teams to look like legitimate threats to the belts. If the build up is not there, the interest will wane. Fans may not want to become as emotionally involved in the events. This can cause a ripple effect, and can cause the crowd to tune out to events, and create a decline in viewership.

The “Night of Champions” pay-per-view event on September 19, 2010, saw the unification of the WWE Women’s and Divas titles as Michelle McCool defeated Melina. Michelle can now appear on both shows. She would have a lot of challengers from both brands. The matches against talented wrestlers like Gail Kim, Natalya, Melina, Kelly Kelly, and Alicia Fox would make for some great matches, if they get enough time to showcase their in-ring skills. The matches seem to be extremely rushed, and as a result, the fans don’t really care. Again, unifying the titles is a good thing, but the WWE has to give these women more time to wrestle, more time to develop storylines with each other, and if that is done, fans will care more about the Divas.

In the months to come, I am sure the WWE will unify the Intercontinental and United States titles. Currently, Dolph Ziggler holds the Intercontinental title, and Daniel Bryan is in possession of the United States championship. But, as talented as these wrestlers are, I am not sure this is a match the fans would look forward to, and I am positive the WWE can come up with a better match. My hope for such a match would involve Alberto Del Rio as the Intercontinental Champion (because he’s relatively new, he’s “injured” two wrestlers fans love – Rey Mysterio and Christian, and his cocky attitude makes the fans despise his on-air character) and John Morrison as the United States Champion – his wrestling moves are unique, he is popular with the crowd, and I think he deserves another opportunity at holding a singles title. If that match were to occur, I would want Del Rio to win, because like I mentioned earlier, he’s new, can play his “heel” (bad guy) role very well, and is extremely talented.

If World Wrestling Entertainment decides to unify the WWE and World titles, the match should be held at their biggest show – Wrestlemania 27. Currently, the titleholders are Randy Orton and Kane, respectively. But either one or both those men may not be champion by the time of the unification match. I would likely place John Cena as WWE Champion and probably the Undertaker as World Champion. I know it is two fan favorites, but that might be the best match as the main event at Wrestlemania. But, the winner of the 30 man Royal Rumble Match is entitled to a Championship bout at Wrestlemania. So, if that happens, the Unification match could become a triple threat match. It could even be turned into a fatal four way contest if The Miz decides to cash in his “Money in the Bank” contract at the big event. Those are some extra thoughts to ponder, and will make the next few weeks and months interesting.

I believe the unification of all the championships can be a good thing. It can create fresh matches, and intriguing storylines, as the champions can appear on Raw and Smackdown. WWE has the ability to create fantastic storylines. It must provide time for the wrestlers and storylines to develop. By doing so, they will stimulate among the fans and make them realize that the unification move can be a good idea. The already subtle moves are preparing spectators and viewers, but WWE must keep momentum high by being inventive, daring, thought provoking, to allow the fans to accept the idea. The build up will dictate the success.

Azeem Kayum

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