Not that the adoption of a child is an easy process, but imagine the red tape involved in the reverse process.  Why would anyone want to unadopt a child?  Well, because shame, distress, and undue pain may be inflicted upon a parent that has a troublesome, adopted child.  Yes, this can occur in a biological family too, but that family is responsible for the upbringing of a child, thus the person he/she grows up to be.  People whom adopt often times don’t become responsible for a child until a good deal of his/her life has passed, which could be responsible for future misbehavior. 

Such is the case for Helen Briggs, a 57 year-old Virginia woman.  She adopted a boy when he was 9 years-old.  He had lived in five foster homes since he was 16 months-old, was abused by his biological parents, and is possibly bi-polar.  Briggs claims she was only informed of his past after he molested two younger children while in her custody.  The foster care facility she got the boy from apparently only relinquished the information that “he was hyperactive” upon his adoption. 

The boy is now 15 years-old, and a Virginia law states that after the age of 14, a child must give his/her consent to be removed from his/her adopted parents.  The boy wants Briggs to remain his mother.  However, given the cirumstances, a judge has granted her wish and the boy is back in foster care.  Some caseworkers are disgruntled about the decision, and don’t believe the misinformation rap.  Instead they believe Briggs is simply trying to get out of her $427/month child support payment.   

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