Dateline: Yangon:31 January 2007

Why are people from Myanmar (Burma) so eager for change? The answer is simple. They don’t like the current situation and they want a better life.

So, is that change going to happen soon? At the moment this is the hot question in Myanmar.

If you listen to the government and believe in their seven step road map to democracy, things are going well. Alas reality does not seem to agree with the government view.
According to Government experts, within the next few months the Draft Constitution will be finalized and hope to start the Referendum for Constitution on end of 2007. After that, the Democratic Election will be held in 2008. According to this scenario, the change may be happening soon.

Of course there are questions about how smoothly this process will go, most people will be too scared to vote with their heart, they will vote to prevent trouble.

In the draft constitution, the Military is taking an overwhelming roll. Nobody will accept the point from the draft constitution that the President must have had military service.
If the referendum is rejected by the people of Myanmar, they will go back to National Convention to review the Draft Constitution. So, the change can not  happen very soon.

Most of  the people in Myanmar are waiting and wishing.

Why don’t the people of Myanmar fight back?

That is a good question. Unfortunately to fight back would result in almost certain detainment and probably something worse! A few are trying; history will be the witness to their success.
[Edited by Simon]

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