Recently, I’ve noticed that it seems every other week there is a headline of another soldier in Iraq killing an innocent civilian.

No one wants to discuss death, let alone murder, but I really feel like there is a tie between those irrational killings and the boredom the soldiers are dealing with daily in Iraq.

I mean, let’s really think about it: When your child is bored, they often do things that they know will inherently get your attention; be it throwing a tantrum in a store, so that you will spank them in public brandishing them for life, or be it them breaking an item in your home that they know is of importance to you. The tantrum and the breaking of the item automatically brings you to attention to your child, unless you are an awful parent and just shrug it off to the tantrum or vigilant behavior that it is.

So, as all things come back full circle, it would appear that the original message that the soldiers went to war with has completely vanished. It seemed that when President Bush made his speeches to the world, ensuring that he really does care and that he really is trying to end the war; that he claimed ended years ago, that there seemed to at least be a shred of hope, of valor, and of the soldiers genuinely wanting to do right by the United States by bringing democracy to Iraq.

I think now they are just so bored, and feel so lied to that they are doing anything that they can to get the American people’s attentions. It’s just that instead of the tantrum or breaking of an important item, they are killing innocent people.

How do we want to remember this war? By what we accomplished or by how many of our valiant soldiers were kicked out of the military for boredom killings? I’d choose the accomplishments any day.

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