REXANO Editorial by Zuzana Kukol

Las Vegas, NV, August 8, 2007—As mentioned in recent Blogger News Network editorial “Humane Society of the United States’ version of “Wayne’s world; or how spending money on Vick’s dogs is a constant battle for H$U$…”,  HSUS is really an animal rights (AR) group many  true animal lovers confuse with their local ‘Humane society’ shelters, however, Humane Society of the United States is not affiliated with any of them. They are a powerful well funded AR group, who instead running shelters or helping animals directly, works hard on eventually removing pets from our homes, meat from our tables, leather goods from our closets and animals from zoos and circuses.

According to Lee Nesler of the Western Pa. Humane Society: “…none of the money sent to the Humane Society of the United States ends up at your local shelter”.(

So many of you might ask who is the person in charge of HSUS, a group with 200 million dollars in assets?

His name is Wayne Pacelle, and he has a blog where you can get to know him better. In his July 10, 2007 blog titled “Desperate Distortion”, he writes; “Our opponents have always resorted to dredging up very old quotes and taking them out of context, or even revising or inventing quotes out of whole cloth.”

Maybe Mr. Pacelle should attach expiration dates to his quotes so the public knows when it is OK to stop taking them seriously.

To be fair, let’s look up some recent quotes made since the year 2000.

In his August 7, 2007 blog “A Calling to Care”, Pacelle writes about his childhood visit to a zoo:

“It did not take more than a few minutes of observation to send me into a deep funk. I still have, now 25 years later, the indelible image in my mind of a jaguar pacing back and forth in his miserly little enclosure. I read his behavior as utter anguish.  I ruined the trip for the teachers and all of my classmates. I went into a mode of overt depression, and I infected everyone on the trip with my gloom”

It has been 25 years, things are different nowadays…. Aside from being a self proclaimed animal psychic reading the jaguar’s deepest thoughts, Mr. Pacelle obviously didn’t spend enough time studying the habitat distribution of different big cat species, as documented in his 2004 article “Leave Wild Animals Where They Belong, In the Wild” writing about a tiger named Bobo:

“Captive tigers should only be housed in accredited zoos and sanctuaries, not by amateurs, however well-intentioned they may be. We encourage those who specifically wish to help animals like Bobo to devote themselves to the preservation of habitat in these animals’ native ranges in Africa and southeast Asia,..”

Wild tigers in Africa???  No, tigers are not native to Africa. It is lions, the ones with mane and  without stripes, that live in Africa. Majority of wild tigers nowadays live in India.

Unfortunately, their numbers are on the steep decline, latest total being less than 2000 individuals. The main reason for their decline is habitat destruction and poaching, not the pet trade. All privately kept tigers in USA were born in captivity and not stolen from the wild.

He ends his paper with: “And responsible citizens should not keep any wild animal as a pet. If you want an animal as a companion, go to a local shelter or breed rescue group, and save the life of a domestic dog or a cat. They have been bred to live comfortably in our environments. Leave wild animals where they belong—in the wild”

Responsible people shouldn’t keep exotic animals as pets? What makes the HSUS President a wildlife expert? All animals used to be wild, and since there are more tigers in captivity than in the wild, we might as well start to refer to them as domestic animals, since captive breeding is the only way to save them from extinction.

But many AR groups rather see them extinct than saved in captivity. Who put these suit wearing, big salary paid, professional animal rights activists into a position of wildlife experts? Who made them God to decide that future generations shouldn’t see a live tiger?  

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