Dear reader, as I have been following this case for a while now, I knew I needed to speak up once I heard about Lori Drew and her plead of “not guilty” in this My Space case. Is Lori’s behavior shocking? Yes and No.

Yes, it is surprising because you would think that a grown woman, knowing the history of Megan’s clinical depression, would have some sort of understanding in her behavior. From what I understood, Megan could be “annoying” to others and “got on their nerves” at times and a lot was probably due to her clinical depression. You have a 13 year old girl, slap dab in the middle of puberty where hormones are changing hourly and she is also dealing with this illness. Its a lot to carry. As Loris daughter was a friend of Megan’s and they were neighbors, I would think they knew each other well and as much time as these girls probably spent together, I would have thought that Lori had some sort of knowledge and understanding as to what Megan was dealing with. 13 year old girls are testy anyway….they try and push the envelope all too much. Sure, it was Megan’s mothers responsibility to see that Megan stayed as stable as she could. From this end, it is surprising and as you see, it shocked the pants off of America. Plus, Lori, like any other mother was doing, was probably doing what she could to protect her daughter.

No, it is not surprising. The world we live in today is very harsh and adults are just as badly behaved as children, in my opinion. Even though she was protecting her daughter by doing this, its the fact that these methods she used were unbelievable. This is a woman pushing 50 and should know better than to stoop to the level that she did. But again, we are in a world where people get online and impersonate others all the time. My Space has and continues to enable this problem. Its on all social sites and other online places. Adults today are not like adults 20 years ago. They do not accept any responsibility and do as they please as long as they are not caught doing the wrong. They lie and twist things. They clique it up and still resort to these adolescent behaviors where they should know right from wrong. The bottom line here is many sweep stuff under the rug and turn to these behaviors and do not bat an eye. My Space is full of imposters, they had no rules about it and this left an “open” for Lori to do what she did. She did not care that Megan was fragile. She did not bother to consider the chemical make-up of Megan. All she cared about was protecting her daughter. Instead of teaching her daughter that “its not cool to get involved in these cliquey tiffs and to just do what you can to look legally into what can be done” she stooped to the level of these kids and participated. Once again, it boiled down to this evil beast known as relational aggression. The girl on girl crime of bullying and peer abuse.

Folks, adults participate just as much as kids in this crap. Its everywhere… and online. Adults behave as children. I am not trying to be all judgmental here but I look at society as a whole and try to see how this case fit into what is out there today. If Loris daughter was having trouble with Megan, she should have come to seek advice from a bullying and peer abuse expert like myself and others out there. Done her homework. I see so much that people do not or will not try and get an education on this bullying and peer abuse problem. Therefore, they know no better. Lori ran a business and from what I heard was successful. I would think she was no dummy and could have Googled “Bullying” or something to that affect. Done her homework……yet all Lori knew was to do as she pleased as long as she was not caught. Well, she got caught….and America was
shocked beyond belief….

The bottom line is Lori needs to be held accountable for her behavior. She knew better yet acted on it. She may have been trying to protect her daughter but there were many more ways to go about doing that.

Elizabeth Bennett is the author of Peer Abuse Know More! Bullying From A Psychological Perspective and resides in Los Angeles, California. Visit


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