I don’t know how but I landed on this article:

Soy is making kids ‘gay’


It posits that soy is the root of all evil, and that not only does this food staple have feminizing effects on males, but soy formula is the root of homosexuality.

“There’s a slow poison out there that’s severely damaging our children and threatening to tear apart our culture.”

To be fair, the author has no problems with an “occasionial soy snack” but says it is the high levels of phytoestrogens in higher consumptions of soy that is biologically influencing masculinity towards the feminine.

Now, I love soy, but I too am not a big fan of soy being in everything. I’m a believer in dietary balance and diversity, and avoiding processed foods. I do think if we start processing soy and adding it to EVERYTHING, we’re going to have the same problems we have with wheat, dairy, and sugar in terms of food allergies and autoimmune issues.

However, the author suggests that increased levels of soy in the American diet is not only to blame for male homosexuality but also to blame for early puberty in girls, late puberty in boys, obesity, breast cancer, thyroid problems, the “infertility epidemic and dramatic increase in fertility clinics”, as well as the destruction of masculinity.

Some little voice spoke to me, whispering doubt and cynicism in my ear. However I didn’t want to be close minded so I thought I would examine the points and see what merit they had.

Lets take the question of obesity. The author states:

“Research in 2000 showed that a soy-based diet at any age can lead to a weak thyroid, which commonly produces heart problems and excess fat. Could this explain the dramatic increase in obesity today?”

That’s not what I remembered hearing on the last scare tactic the media had used on obesity. In fact, when I was a fatso chubbo in junior high and switched to a vegetarian diet, the pounds melted away. But that’s anecdotal. I want to make my decision to fall into anti-soy hysteria with something to back it up. So I went looking into it. It seems like experts across different fields feel that excess calorie intake, lack of exercise, decreased intake of fruits/vegetables/whole grains and healthy fats as well as an increased intake of refined foods and sugars, foods high in saturated fats (like fast foods) have contributed to the current “dramatic increase in obesity today…”.

Even countries that have been thought of as thin are showing obesity rises in relation to diet. Remember my story of pounds melting away? My fat intake was cut by two thirds when I cut out meat. So was my calorie intake (which prior had been out of control). I remember once the weight started melting I felt more able to exercise, and did, which according to our experts, is part of the anti-dote for obesity.

Well…then lets tackle the concept of soy causing the infertility epidemic and dramatic increase in fertility clinics. Again I herald back to an early memory. Aah, I was a young college student eagerly studying molecular cell biology. We took a field trip to the local fertility clinic, where we got to learn something new about the beginnings of life. We stood gathered round a sperm washer and a microscope designed for an up close viewing of the assistance of nature. One tech challenged us with the question, “What do you think the consequences are when large numbers of couples with infertility problems get technolgical assistance?” Hmm..I was stumped. Fortunately, a smarter fellow student piped up. “You have an increased rate of infertility? …because..uh… now the next generation has inherited the sperm that can’t swim, or the ova that can’t select, or whatever factors contributed to the infertility?” Ding!

So let me propose something else. Infertility has always been around, but the technology to compensate hasn’t. Those who couldn’t breed, couldn’t pass on the genes that made it tough to breed. Those who had trouble breeding, because they had mostly little guys couldn’t reach the egg by means of stumpy tails, but were successful, probably were so because they selected out the sperm and eggs that were defective, hopefully selecting out the defective genes.

So its just as possible, if not more so, that is was the advent of technology that allowed people to get treatment for infertility that led to the rise in fertility clinics. Fertility clinics are a business, like any other, and draw in more clients. The more clients they have, the more the numbers go up as infertility statistics include more people.

Insurance wasn’t always required to pay for fertility treatments. Now, a handful of states mandate coverage making services more affordable, further making this opportunity available to people who may never have otherwise sought the treatment provided by fertility clinics. Of course, passing on poor genes cannot alone be named the cause of infertility cases brought to light. This article from the BBC news also talks about the rising epidemic of infertility…this time the UK.

It lists as as causes: waiting until after 35, sexually transmitted diseases, and obesity as serious contributing factors to their “infertility time bomb”. It seems as if in at least one cause the rise in infertility clinics come before the rise in infertility, namely women waiting until they are 35, knowing they can get technological assistance, in the context of cultural and economic forces. If you go to this wikipedia article you can look more into the known causes of infertility. In neither article did I see the soy epidemic there, or even a huge rise in the levels of phytoestrogen due to soy consumption as a stated or implied factor. Luckily since wikipedia has lots of references for you to follow, you can decide for yourself.

You’ve already been kind enough to read this far, so I will leave breast cancer and thyroid for a second installment of this article, and puberty, and the feminization issues (which become a more philosophical gender discussion) for a third and fourth installment, which you may choose to read if I’ve piqued your curiosity.
What I really want the reader to take away from this article is this: before you go on an anti-soy hysteria if you have obesity or infertility, first educate yourself about the facts, and second, start with basic balanced lifestyle changes that may be more effective than simply stripping your diet of one item. Thanks for reading and please see my poll below.

Did soy formula make you gay? Poll:
The author of the “Soy is making kids gay” article suggests that it is the endemic use of soy formula that is creating homosexuals and feminized males. I won’t go into detail here because I’m saving it for my third and fourth installments, but my science background has my curiousity piqued, though I’m rather skeptical. As such I’m hoping you all will help me out in an honest effort by taking the poll below. Its not a scientific carefully controlled randomized double blind study, but might provide a little insight if the numbers come back large either way. I will flush you’re e-mail addresses as soon as I record the data for anonymity. Of course you could always get an anonymous yahoo address if it makes you feel more comfortable. Please don’t send multiple responses to enforce either the left or right dogma or “the homosexual agenda” or “Gays are going to burn.” All inquiries MUST have soy questionnaire, soy poll, or something like it or it will be deleted as spam.

So heres my poll:

1) Are you, or someone you know (make it a close person, like someone you know well) straight, or Queer (GLBTO-gay, lesbian, bi, trans, other)?

2) Were you or this person born male or female? What is your gender identity now?

3) Were you or this person bottlefed, or breastfed?

4)How long, what type? (if three or four was mixed, its okay to elaborate.)

Please send the completed questionnaire to leyd_dragonatyahoo.com (replace the at with @ and you should be good to go). All inquiries MUST have soy questionnaire, soy poll, or something like it or it will be deleted as spam.

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