The recent outbursts of Vaiko openly coming out in support of Eelam raises a doubt. What makes him so bold? Why is it that the Tamil Nadu Government not arresting him? Why is Jayalalitha herself is tolerating him?

Is it because they are all looking at the forthcoming elections and the adverse fallout if action is taken against Vaiko?

Is Vaiko himself provoking the law enforcement so that he could be arrested and the arrest itself can be used as an excuse for large scale unrest in parts of Tamil Nadu?

Coming close on the heels of a near elimination of LTTE cadres in Sri Lanka, a doubt crosses our mind. Has Prabhakaran crossed over to India and trying to re group from India?

We should not forget that the forests of Tamil Nadu sheltered Veerappan for decades and with the possible support of a section of community, if Prabhakaran decides to take refuge, the most likely place is in Tamil Nadu forests.

Just as Osama Bin Laden sheltered in Pakistan is slowly eating away the country, LTTE has the potential to take over some parts of Tamil Nadu and use it as a launch pad for its actions. The Government of India should think of all drastic steps as may be necessary including imposing President’s rule in Tamil Nadu to prevent any untoward developments.Businessmen who have stakes in southern parts of Tamil Nadu need to develop contingency plans in case LTTE influence spreads.

Is our Home Minister Chidambaram taking note?

This is only a speculation at this point of time but too disturbing not to be brought to the notice of the Government.

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