Newsweek this week adds to the buzz started late last year about a possible Independent presidential run for Democrat turned Republican and current Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg. A former aide who was in on early discussions last years says the mayor will wait until March of next year to make any formal overtures. “The guiding philosophy is who the Democratic and Republican nominees are, and the mood of the country once they know who those two people are.”

Though it’s still real early in the game, a Bloomberg independent run could set up the ultimate New York subway series, with likely nominees Sen. Hillary Clinton and Former mayor Rudy Giuliani also representing the Empire state. The big questions are who will Bloomberg help, Clinton or Giuliani? And does Bloomberg have a chance of winning himself? The answers to these questions are not simple. Having watched the mood of the electorate over the last several years, All three have taken centrist stances to varying degrees. Some might say that on the major issues of the day, their positions are quite similar. The wildcards in all this are name recognition and money.

According to the Democratic Leadership Council’s Al From (who met with Bloomberg to discuss a presidential run last year), the New York mayor could easily spend $500 million of his own money on a hypothetical race. The Clinton machine is one of the most potent in politics with Bill Clinton still enjoying very high approval rating among Americans. And Giuliani has garnered a reputation as a strong leader for his actions immediately following 9/11.

If Bloomberg does decide to enter the race, it might become one of the most competitive this country has ever seen.

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