Of course this is a very hard award to hand out with any accuracy, Jim Jordan is equally deserving of the award. I would not invite either over to eat dinner. In my mind Mark Meadows wins by a very short nose. Jim Jordan is just obnoxious, and takes liberties with the truth.

Mark Meadows on the other hand is a bald faced liar. Wikipedia says:

He grew up in Brandon, Florida and described his upbringing as “poor”.[2] He said that he was a “fat nerd” who went on a diet after being rejected for a date by a classmate.[2] Meadows attended Florida State University for one year in 1977-78.[2] In 1980, he graduated from the University of South Florida with an associate degree (A.A.), “similar to a degree an individual might earn after completing two years at a community college“.[2][3] Meadows was later credited by the Office of the Historian of the U.S. House of Representatives, and by Meadows himself, as having earned a bachelor’s degree, but this was corrected after an investigation by the Tampa Bay Times in December 2018 found it was an associate degree.[2] In 1987, Meadows started “Aunt D’s”, a small restaurant in Highlands, North Carolina. He later sold it and used the proceeds to start a real estate development company in the Tampa, Florida area.[4]

This might not seem much, who cares if he has a BA or an AA? Well employers do, tell lies on a resume and when you get caught you get fired.

Of course Mark Meadows represents the 10th district of North Carolina, a state that currently is digging itself out of a huge republican voting scandal in the 2018 elections, so who gives a damn about a few lies?

I guess the good news is that now that the terrible twins are in the minority party, their ability to inflict damage on the country is limited.

Unsolicited I got this interesting email. I cannot vouch for it’s integrity ot provenance, but it seems to be consistent with other reports I have have read:

Let’s start with the fact that Meadows did not grow up poor…
Meadows told a town hall in August 2017 “Here’s the interesting thing, we’ve come to a point where we applaud success but we hate successful people.”
Rep. Mark Meadows told CPAC today, “I’ve lived the American dream and, quite frankly, it is available to each and every person.”  It’s not the first time he’s claimed that – he told the audience during a 2012 debate with Hayden Rogers, “I’ve lived the American dream, I grew up poor.” 
In fact growing up poor was a theme during Meadows’ his first run for congress in 2012.  Meadows told the Smoky Mountain News in October of 2012, “Growing up poor gave me a real appreciation for work,” and further told the Sylva Herald & Ruralite in August of 2012, “I grew up poor. I’ve cleaned my share of bathrooms and mopped my share of floors.” 
A 1957 society listing in the Tampa Tribune marks the wedding of Meadows’ parents, Gaylord Wainwright Meadows and Mary Gail Brown describing the bride’s “gown of imported Chantilly lace and nylon tulle” and “veil of French illusion” which “fell from a lace half-hat with side tabs trimmed in sequins and seed pearls.” 
Records show that after a short stint in France, where Meadows was born, his parents lived on Fawn Circle in Tampa, and later, in June of 1973 (prior to Meadows entering high school) Meadows’ parents bought a brand new, two-story home at 723 Clipper Place in Brandon Fl – a home with 4 beds 2.5 baths and 1,883 sq. ft. – where Meadows lived throughout high school.   In high school, Meadows was on the tennis team and the Savos club and appeared in a yearbook ad for a local florist. 
Meadows often touts his experience as a “restauranteur” stemming from his two years running a sandwich counter (current photo attached) in the Oak Square building in downtown highlands he’s said that he and his wife used a $25,000 line of credit to open the business, “They opened it with a $25,000 line of credit.”  Debbie Meadows added, “Mark was the sandwich boy, I did drinks. We learned everything the hard way.”  They also had a little financial help – Debbie Meadows parents co-signed the $48,800 loan for his first property purchase in Highlands.  Records show Meadows sold to a couple from Florida in March of 1989.
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