By Honey Gillard
Super hot, super-hero portraying superstar Jessica Alba is rumoured to be becoming a SUPERMOM! – and I don’t mean in a movie.
Alba and her director boyfriend Cash Warren have recently been spotted shopping for baby shoes in Malibu.
The pair had a brief break-up back in July but are back together now and apparently preparing to start a little family.
The ‘Fantastic Four’ actress apparently called time on their 2-and-a-half year romance during an emotional telephone conversation back in July; supposedly dumping Cash after being sick of waiting for him to propose.
But all seems good now for the pair.
A source noted: “They seemed really happy to be back together as they shopped. Jessica was picking out shirts for Cash and holding them up against him.”
It was this visit to a Malibu department store that quickly ignited baby rumours after they were spotted browsing in the children’s department.
“Then they started sneaking a peek at a pair of very fashionable looking baby shoes.”
Alba is also continuing her modest ways, being forced to try and disprove the validity of all the high praise she gets for her looks.
She revealed: “I don’t really think about it too much. I’m like everybody else. I get insecure about things just like everybody else. I wake up in the morning and think, What the hell am I going to do with my face today or my hair? What am I going to wear?”

Jessica continued, “People make me feel like … I’m not a person or superhuman or something because you’re on a list that’s being put together. But I understand that those magazines and those lists only exist just to give publicity for the magazine and publicity for the project that I’m in, and it’s not necessarily completely and totally true.”

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