Do you write the right way? Is there a right way to write? Some people think so. The growing number of people who do not write by hand in cursive is being held up as yet one more sign of an empire in decline, so to speak.
   The study is interesting and very, very debatable. When they say those who write in cursive think better they ignore other factors…it seems quite likely to be a chicken and the egg situation…better students typically are more interested in learning and therefore are more likely to master the skills that then demonstrate they are better students.
    It is difficult without having actually seen the studies to ascertain for sure the accuracy of either assessment. In the long run, there are few and far between times in adult life where cursive is superior to typing or even printing, either from tha standpoint of reading or writing.
    Anyone who has ever needed to read the cursive writing of another person, even if that individual has “good” handwriting, can attest to the fact it can be very difficult. Additionally, a good typist can put thoughts to template much quicker than someone writing by hand.
   If you have ever had a thought that you lost in the middle of it because of the time you needed to write it by hand then you know that pain all too well.
    So speed and clarity both argue in favor of typing. The chance of being mis-understood when addressing an envelope or writing a check is seriously lessened if it is done in a format people can read.
    It is still useful to learn cursive writing, but it hardly seems like the end of American civilization if it is relegated to the sidelines. Of course, that is easy to say when i am typing….

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