By now, rational folks everywhere across the globe are disgusted by one more episode of disproportionate and excessive use of force by Israel in Gaza that has killed many innocent men,women and children and injured many.

What if anything Israel is achieving through this reckless violence but breeding another group of hopeless youths ready to take over the violent struggle of their dead comrades? ..Only time will tell if southern Israel is spared the home-made rocket attacks in future.
In the meantime, Israel continues to defy the conscience of the world and continues with the attacks..
Bush, for his part – is in no mood to stop this massacre. His evangelist soul would probably feel guilty if he stopped Israel from doing what it is doing.
Obama so far has stood behind his ‘One President at a time’ mantra but his coronation is less than two weeks away and he will have to take a position sooner or later.

One wonders if it will be business as usual ‘special relationship’ with Israel or he will stand up to this heavy-handed Israeli action on the Palestinians?
Can he take an even-handed approach in the treatment of both parties of the conflict and be an honest broker to mediate peace?

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