MacMillan publishing is considered a reputed book publishing house. However it appears that the publishing house is not exercising due diligence before publishing a book and would like to share my experience with one of the publications.

I recently came across a publication of a book from MacMillan titled “Handbook: Cyber Laws For Every Netizen” authored by Vakul Sharma.

While I am happy that one more book on Cyber Laws is being published, it is necessary to bring to the notice of the publisher that I am the author of a book titled “Cyber Laws for Every Netizen in India” which was published in 1999 and became the first book on the subject of Cyber Laws to be published in India. The title of this book is well recognized and even introduced the word “Netizen” for the first time in the Indian market, besides popularizing the coinage “Cyber Laws”. An enlarged version of the book under the same title was also published in 2004. Soft copies of both versions are available for free download from for several years.

This book has also been adopted as  a text book in some educational institutes in Tamil Nadu.

Under the circumstances, the use of a confusingly similar title to the book by Vakul Sharma by Mac Millan is unethical and probably a malicious infringement of my intellectual property rights.

I regret to point out this serious lapse by Mac Millan and reserve my rights to take appropriate legal action. In the meantime I am awaiting a response from the publishers on their explanation for the lapse and what remedial action they propose to take.

Naavi of

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