Since some time in the forenoon today it is being observed that the website is not avaialble. This site which belongs to the DIT, Government of India appears to be down for unknown reasons. It is possible that there may be a denial of service attack on the server.

It is however strange that the error has not been corrected for several hours now. Normally a DDOS attack is killed and alternate hosting arranged within a short time.

With CERT-In being the nodal agency for Cyber Security it is surprising that there is no alternative back up plan or DRP for setting the error right wihin a short time.
Recently it was pointed out that an Uranium Enrichment plant in Mysore was under a Stuxnet infection and the security failure was attributed to the lack of adequate monitoring by CERT_IN.

The second incident in quick succession appears to be another reminder that we are highly suscecptible to cyber vulnerabilities.

DIT makes extensive use of Chinese suppliers for many of its requirements and it would not be surprising that the recent friction between China and India is a possible reason for China flexing its muscles.

Hope the issue is not that serious and it is only a normal outage. We may get the clarification from the department later in the day.


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