It’s bad enough for a straight-A wind energy Musterschuler (model student) like Germany to suddenly fall back to fifth place in class (at least when it comes to the number of turbines installed last year, that is), but to be passed up in the process by the Mother of all Umweltsünder (environmental sinners), the United States of America herself, well, that’s about enough to knock the wind out of you, as in them, which is of course what it did.

It seems that new turbine installations in Germany have dropped a full 25 percent in the past few months, primarily due to subsidies that the government doesn’t want to pay anymore. So you see, for all of the loud talk about new breakthrough technology and wave of the future and the next big export industry thing and saving the planet, blah, blah, money, it seems, makes the turbine go round after all. If these windmills don’t get subsidized here, they don’t get built. At least not for now, they don’t.

But I have confidence that Germany’s wind ideologues will be back up on their feet to be blown off them again in no time. After all, when it comes to energy policy, there is only one thing Germany has more of than wind, and that’s hot air.

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