Here on Blogger News and our sister site NARWO we cover as many missing children cases as we can. In cold reality that translates to somewhere less than 1% of probably 1% of cases reported just in the US. Jan and I would love to do more, but, there are only 24 hours in the day.

What concerns us greatly is the role of DCF. Different states call it different names. Essentially though, the mission is the same. Protect children who may be in a harmful or abusive environment.

Proactive beats reactive every time!

Unfortunately we live in what can only be viewed as a reactive world. It does not seem to matter that ‘the writing is on the wall’, until death occurs no-one seems to care.

Just take a look at these cases:

After a mother of five children punched out a Department of Children and Families caseworker she took off with the kids and then later that night she turned the kids in.

A call was made to the DCF making a formal complaint against a couple binding 10 year old foster twins, hand and foot and then forcing them to stand in a bathtub for hours in their home. Several other reports were made concerning the children as well.

The Department of Social Services was called several times in the case of Zahra Baker. The DSS claim that after investigating they concluded that there was no evidence found to substantiate the claims. A Neighbor claimed that Elisa Baker was notified in advance that the DSS would be coming so she would clean up the house and make sure Zahra knew what to say.

Where did the system fall down?

Is it just that we do not have the money to finance this area properly? It seems to me that we send billions of dollars to other countries when a crisis hits. Why not spend those dollars at home? I do not want to make light of the recent disaster that Japan suffered, but in reality they are a very rich country, they can afford to rebuild.

Who cares about Iraq or Afghanistan? Afghanistan became the Soviet Unions Vietnam, a pointless waste of life and money. Iraq seems to be a very similar story. Now we are playing in Libya.

Think about the money involved. The sums are staggering! The great quote by Senator Everett Dirksen says it all ‘A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you are talking about real money’.

How come we can afford to lob a Cruise Missile or 100 ($500,000 each) at some nut job in Libya but we can’t afford to look after the children in our own country?

I read these stories of DCF failing, time and time again they take the brunt of the criticism. Though inaction another child is dead.

Forget Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, take 1% of the money saved and put it into the DCF and education in general.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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