On its Tabloid Tidbits blog page, MSNBC is taking potshots at both one time pinup boy Fabio and current left-wing, heartthrob George Clooney in a Hollywood smack ’em up two fer. Now, I’m as unconcerned over the entertainment media beating up the denizens of Hollywierd as anyone else — especially when one of them is the uncouth, surly, leftist Clooney — but this one strikes me as interesting for the reason they are attacking Fabio; because of his act of chivalry. I guess entertainment reporters think it is odd, funny or execrable when a man sticks up for the virtue of a woman, now ‘a days? Sadly, it appears that acts of chivalry opens one up for ridicule in today’s Hollywood. They just can’t stand any exhibition of traditional manhood out there on the left coast.

The Tabloid Tidbits section goes for Fabio’s throat with its very first line

Nearly forgotten Fabio recently got the better of Hollywood heavyweight George Clooney, and he’s not about to let the world forget it.

“Nearly forgotten?” That was pretty uncalled for, wasn’t it? What’s more, he is obviously not “nearly forgotten” because this whole story is set against the backdrop (a little acting lingo there) of the charity work that Fabio was engaged in at the time. Obviously someone was remembering him if his fame was being lent to a charity.

So here is the story.

While attending the grand opening of Lamborghini Calabasas, Fabio waxed chivalrous regarding his restaurant run-in with reportedly drunk and irritable George. “I was doing a charity for the 11-99 Foundation, which benefits the widows and children of officers killed in the line of duty,” Fabio told OK! magazine.

At the same time, an obviously drunken George Clooney was dining there. He began to call out insults to the women in Fabio’s company. He began to flip them the bird and he got belligerent when Fabio went over to him to clear the air.

“He was drunk and thought people were taking pictures of him,” Fabio continued. “So I went to the table and explained to him that we were having a charity dinner and I said, ‘You’re more than welcome to come to my table and see if there was a picture of you.’ I apologized and he started being rude so I put him in his place. After I put him in his place — you know I’m three times his size — he got a little scared. I went back to my table and as soon as I sit down he paid his bill, got up and he started insulting the girls. He called the women names. At that point I lost my temper. I went after him and he ran out of the restaurant.”

But MSNBC doesn’t seem very impressed by Fabio’s concern for the women. After calling him “nearly forgotten,” they go on with an attack on his telling of the Clooney encounter.

But Fabio isn’t saving his story for the ladies or national celebrity magazines. Earlier this week, a Page Six spy spotted Fabio bragging about the dustup to a group of middle-aged men, “gloating and laughing that he ‘schooled’ George Clooney.”

So, we have yet one more example of why George Clooney is a loudmouthed, petulant, jerk who is not deserving of the devotion so many seem to bestow upon this cretin, that much is plain. But why is Fabio in for such a drubbing?

I can give two reasons for this Fabio-icide:

#1-The entertainment ‘aholics of MSNBC are upset that Fabio got the best of their idol, Clooney, first and foremost.

#2-These entertainment reporting feminazis just cannot stomach a man who is macho enough to enjoy smacking around, if only verbally, a wimpy creep like Clooney, nor can they stand a man who feels it necessary to stand up for the women in his company. After all, Clooney is the darling of the left fringe AND women are all “equal” and stuff, so they don’t need no macho man’s protection.

In the end, we can clearly see why Fabio has run afoul of the seedy underbelly of our sycophantic entertainment media. Fabio is a real man and any real exhibition of real manhood is frowned upon by these feminized weaklings. And our testosterone infused, long haired friend had the gall to confront the left’s darling du jour, Clooney, to boot.

I almost feel a man crush coming on for the Fabio-ster! Quick, let’s talk about sports.

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