OK so now I have heard everything. When I saw this headline I couldn’t believe that Casey Anthony would think anyone would fall for this one. She tried to claim that the horrendous smell coming from her car that was described by her very own mother as the smell of a dead body in the damn car, was from a dead squirrel.

New evidence released Tuesday showed that she told her friend, Amy Huizenga that maybe her dad ran something over with her car when he borrowed it, and it smelled like something died in it.

The documents released included statements from witnesses that authorities spoke to about what the Anthony’s said about the smell in Casey’s car. According to investigators there has been several explanations for the odor coming from the car.

Amy Huizenga said she was first told “she’s pretty sure she ran something over on the 408.” Huizenga said she also remembered Anthony leaving her a message that said, “There’s definitely a part of an animal plastered to the frame of my car.” She also said Anthony said she had “gotten rid of it.”

he report also said that Cindy Anthony, Caylee Anthony’s grandmother didn’t want to open the trunk once she smelled the odor because she was afraid it would be Casey or Caylee stuffed in there.

Casey told her brother, Lee Anthony, that “two dead squirrels crawled up under the hood of the car and they died in there.” Caylee Anthony’s Mom Says Smell in Car is From Dead SquirrelsHe described the smell as “atrocious.”  Lee Anthony told detectives, “The trunk was open. The windows were rolled down to what I assume — (to) ventilate the horrible smell that I had just smelled for the first time.”

The investigator said, “The smell filled up the whole garage?”

“Yeah,” Anthony said. “It hit you like a wave. I mean it was, it was whatever it was, it was very, very potent.” Lee Anthony told detectives, “The trunk was open. The windows were rolled down to what I assume — (to) ventilate the horrible smell that I had just smelled for the first time.”
According to statements included in the released documents, Casey Anthony was leading a rich social life full of parties and drugs and showed no signs of worry that her daughter was missing.

When investigators talked to Amy Huizenga and Casey’s boyfriend, Tony Lazarro they got new information about Casey activities. Amy said, “I know she has started smoking more pot than she ever had. She would eat a brownie here or there and maybe smoke every once in a great while. Um, but she did tell me that she’d been smoking a lot more pot.” Huizenga’s was talking about in mid-June about the time that Caylee was last seen.

Amy told the detectives that Casey had her nails done, and got a tattoo around that same week.

“So, she got her fingernails cleaned, done up pretty and a tattoo in the week that Tony’s gone?” the investigator asked.
“Uh-hum,” Huizenga said.

“And goes out partying (July 2 and 3)?” the investigator asks.
“And the fourth,” Huizenga said.

“The fourth?” the investigator asks.

“Because we had a July Fourth party,” Huizenga said.

According to Casey’s friends she didn’t express any concern about her daughter to them. It was said that after July 5, Casey would wake up sweating in the middle of the night saying she was having nightmares.

Lee Anthony admitted to detectives that his mother and his sister have always had a rocky relationship. “There is a genuine wedge between your mother and your sister, isn’t there?” an investigator asked.

“My mother has been the provider for Caylee, even down to the extent that my mother was the first person to hold Caylee when she came out of the womb. So, my mom is convinced that my sister holds some kind of resentment to her.”

Now sources who knew the Anthony family intimately during the past few months are telling Eyewitness News that Casey has convinced her mother, Cindy, that Caylee was sold to someone in Puerto Rico.

Leonard Padilla says this is just another one of Casey Anthony lies that she has cooked up. “Baby’s dead. Baby’s deceased,” he said. Padilla told eyewitness news that he had a female employee placed in the house with Casey for nine days and she claims that Casey confided in her quite a bit but never once mentioned Puerto Rico. “Her whole methodology the whole nine days that the young lady was in there with her was one of denial, guilt, that she had done away with her own daughter,” Padilla said.

A Lawsuit has been filed against Casey Anthony by the woman Casey named as the babysitter that disappeared with her daughter.  Zenaida Gonzalez has hired a high profile lawyer from Orlando, John Morgan to represent her in this defamation suit. Gonzalez says she has had enough. She wants Casey to pay for her lies now. T-shirts have shown up saying things like “The Nanny Did It” and “Zanny the Nanny” and this is one reason Gonzalez has decided to sue Casey. Although Caylee or killed her. she has never shown her face she says thousands of people think she has either kidnapped. “What we want to make sure is that Casey Anthony does not profit for throwing Zenaida Gonzalez under the bus. They are out there talking about movie deals, book deals. There are t-shirts being sold,” attorney John Morgan told Eyewitness News.

I think if Zenaida Gonzlez has a right to sue for defamation since she was apparently an innocent party in this that just was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She doesn’t deserve to be pulled into this game Casey Anthony seems to be playing with her parents, the authorities, her friends and all of America.

There are rumors out there that the Anthony’s have signed a $2 million movie deal with Lifetime Movie Network even though lifetime is saying no such deal has been made. Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez made bounty hunter Leonard Padilla sign away any dibs on movie or book deals. Padilla says Baez is depending on the entertaining industry since Casey doesn’t have money to pay for his fees. Baez’s PR firm won’t answer any questions concerning the movie deal.

I have been out of the loop this last week with no internet and no TV and it was driving me crazy not knowing what was going on here but the more I read to catch up the more upset I get. I agree with Zenaida. Enough is enough! It is time that this little brat comes clean with what really happened to her daughter.

I still find it hard to believe that George and Cindy Anthony don’t know what  really happened but if they don’t then it is time they put their foot down and demand to be told the truth. They should cut their ties with Casey until she talks. As a parent I know it has to be hard to turn your back on your own child, especially when they are in serious trouble.

But come on now, even the mother’s of the year would have to admit there is a line where you have to draw here as to how far you can go to protect your kids. Hell make Casey think they have had enough and kick her out, send her back to jail and when she talks then stand by her through this. They have to know what a habitual liar she is, so how can they honestly believe this new story that she sold Caylee?

I guess I can still pray that one day Casey will put an end to all of this and tell where this precious child is so this can all come to an end. Caylee God bless you honey, where ever you are!

Janny Barrett

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