According to the Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Casey Anthony is receiving letters from a convicted murderer who is on California’s death row. They say that Scott Peterson is sending her letters but no one is saying what are in the letters or what the connection is between the two but the inmate correspondence is not public record. I always thought one inmate was not allowed to correspond to another inmate by mail, but I guess I am wrong.

Peterson is sitting on death row after being found guilty for the murder of his wife, Lacey and their unborn son, Connor three years ago. Lacey was 8 months pregnant at the time she was murdered. Some friends Casey has huh? If Scott Peterson wrote me a letter I would be too embarrassed to have the public know it. I personally wouldn’t want to be associated with him.

Is Peterson trying to send Casey some tips on how to get away with murder? I can’t imagine what he would have to say to her unless he thinks he could get her to tell him what happened to Caylee so he could use it to bargain with the prosecutors for a deal with his own sentence. Who knows what his motive would be?

Caylee Anthony has been missing since mid June and her mother, Casey Anthony is being held in jail without bond. Casey faces charges of first degree murder as well as several check fraud charges. Yesterday a judge set the date for the trial to begin January 5th after the state requested that the trial period be moved back from a previously set date in early February, possibly to put more pressure on the defense team. A pretrial date has been set for December 11.

Also yesterday Eyewitness News received copies of hundreds of the calls the police received as tips from people claiming they know what happened to Caylee. As we all know the Anthony’s have publicly accused the police for not following up on any of these tips. Well now we can see that they have definitely been doing their job. Eyewitness News found that most of the tips coming in are from psychics who think that Caylee is dead and that her mother or other relatives are responsible.

There have been drawings, photos and even maps sent in. One even said that Casey’s tattoo is a clue that could lead them to where Caylee is. Some say she is where a lot of exotic birds are and they are in cages. One says they see a hula dancer and a grass skirt. Another one said a drug dealer was involved who looks like Snoop Dog. One woman blames Casey’s ex boyfriend for killing Caylee. Other psychics claim that God, Caylee’s spirit and Caylee’s energy came to them leaving these tips.

After going through half of the 1800 pages they only found 2 tips that were not from a psychic. One of them told them that Casey killed Caylee’s father and the other believes they saw Caylee in June in Wyoming. Some say they had dreams or visions of Caylee’s body being in a swamp, underground, in the woods or burned. Some suggest that she had help. A few of the tips were from people that actually think that Caylee is alive. One psychic told the authorities that Casey has demons in her and will never give up any information.

I agree with that psychic about Casey never giving them any information that will help. All we have been hearing lately is that when we find out what really happened we will all suddenly understand. We might understand but we won’t excuse her for this. If she didn’t directly do anything to her daughter she is covering for someone who did which makes her just as guilty. And to be honest I wouldn’t believe them even if someone else came forward and admitted it because I would say they were only doing it to protect Casey to keep her out of prison. Why should anyone believe anything Casey Anthony has to say about this anyway? She has done nothing but lie from the very beginning, not only to us but to her family as well. If she did try telling the truth now it would be too late as far as I am concerned.

Caylee needs to be found now so all this can end. I feel though that if they do find her Casey will turn this around to someone else and blame them so she can save her own neck. By the way she seems to have certain people wrapped around her little finger to do whatever she wants them to do, it wouldn’t surprise me on bit if someone out there would take the murder rap for her so she can return to her wild lifestyle that she is so use to only now she won’t have that precious little girl in her way anymore. I can see her now dancing on a pole laughing calling who ever took the blame for her a fool. It would be just like something she would do.

God Bless You Caylee! They are going to find you soon honey and you will get your justice so you may rest in peace.

Jan Barrett

Update by Jan Barrett – BNN Editor:

The story of letters received from Scott Peterson are said to be not true. When Eyewitness News started asking questions, a spokesman from San Quentin State Prison in California looked into it and said, based on information developed at the prison, there is no truth to that story. The prison spokesman said he was never contacted about the story.

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