I was watching CNN’s Nancy Grace’s show tonight and it seriously got me to thinking about something. It was announced a few days ago that Equusearch was planning on returning to Orlando to resume their search to find Caylee Anthony.

Caylee has been missing since mid June and her mother is the last person to have seen her. Casey Anthony has kept quiet refusing to cooperate with authorities since then about where her daughter is. She has told authorities lie after lie sending them on wild goose chases only to find out what she told them were lies.

She was held in jail under a little over $500,000 bail bond until California’s Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla thought he had the deal of the century made with Casey by bailing her out in exchange for her to talk to him and help them find her daughter. The problem is once she was out of jail, she clammed up and refused to talk to Padilla. In fact once Padilla started seeing things different than what the Anthony’s wanted him to see them, they turned on him. Padilla went back to California but he now says there is no doubt that little Caylee is dead.

Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez, admitted on Nancy Grace’s Show “It is not in my clients best interests to tell all she knows.” Now this is only my opinion but to me that is all but an admission that Casey knows something that could very well be incriminating towards her.

Now suddenly out of the blue Casey has decided she wants permission to go out and look for Caylee herself. Not only is she requesting that but she wants to be able to go without anyone knowing where and when she goes out. What judge in their right mind would allow this. If they think they have problems with the protesters now can you imagine how it will be if they give her this freedom?

Casey had her chance to speak up but she refused it so why should she be allowed now? The statement was made that if she is refused her attorney could use this as an argument point that she tried but was refused the chance, but that just isn’t so. They have given her the chance. Hell she had 31 days before she bothered to call the police to report Caylee gone even. How many chances do they think she should get to cooperate with authorities?

I have my own opinion of why she wants to do this now. She knows that Tim Miller is bringing Equusearch back in to finish their job in finding Caylee. I believe that Casey knows where Caylee is so she needs to get out there and cause a diversion to get media attention and the public following her to unknown places while she has someone else go to the real location of where Caylee is and remove the body if there is anything left of her. I think they are running scared that Tim Miller is getting too close.

Casey knows what she done to her daughter and until now she thought she was going to get away with it. She didn’t think authorities would be smarter than she is but now she is second guessing her own steps. She has to come up with a plan that will get the attention away from finding the real location of where Caylee is and this is all she can come up with. She doesn’t care about finding her daughter. If Caylee was found now, it would mean closure for her and that would end the attention Casey would get from the public eye. She loves this attention so she has to divert something else to gain it back to her again.

They are grasping at anything they can in order to give any juror member a doubt in the prosecutor’s case. Personally I think the evidence they have against her now will speak for itself without a body and they will find Casey Anthony guilty of murdering her precious little girl.

I hope and pray the judge turns down their request Friday morning. If he does I do hope someone is there with a camera so they can catch the look on her face when she is told no. I am sure she is not use to hearing that word but I pray she hears it then.

The world loves you Caylee and we have not forgotten you. This is still all about YOU as far as we are concerned.

Jan Barrett

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