The Republican Party has lost its mind!

Granted, this is my non-professional opinion but I seriously think that the party may have a mass contagion of a psychological disorder.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many Republicans, some that I know personally, who are solid, centered people.  These people are more centered on fiscal restraint and debt reduction.  They are not Christian Fundamentalist who seek to impose a biblical understanding of the Constitution. They have strong beliefs but are open to a middle position. These qualities have little resemblance to the great majority of today’s Republican officeholders or want-to-be officeholders.

I have given this a lot of thought and have put my years of being a professional psychologist to this matter and have come up with two possible diagnoses:

THE BORDERLINE PERSONALITY REPUBLICAN:  Borderlines, especially when threatened, often see things in terms of right or wrong or good and bad.  This tendency tends to make them calmer.  Threats are easily categorized and a plan of action is simple.  911 are understood as evildoers, good or bad, right or wrong, with us or against us.  This is why a get many American’s were glad that “W” was President then.  We were afraid and when wanted clarity.  Looking back, we see the results with such simplistic thinking.  This is also true in regards to issues like homosexuality and abortion.  One either understands these issues in either the right or wrong, good or bad, moral or immoral way.  The plan of action becomes unambiguous and clear.  President Obama is seen in extremes.  He is “Bad”, a “Socialist”, and “A destroyer of our freedoms”.

Thinking from a “Borderline” perspective is not advanced or evolved.  When someone, or an issue is either all bad, or all good (which the Borderline Republican does), the need to think critically, and the need for nuance and compromise is unnecessary.  Obama is viewed as evil and a confirmed socialist/Marxist while someone like Rush Limbaugh is seen as the bastion of morality and purity.  Never mind that Limbaugh has been married multiple times, was hooked on opiates for years and bought his drugs illegally; he is seen as good…all good faithful.

DELUSIONAL DISORDER REPUBLICANS: Regardless of facts, these republicans continue to ascribe a belief system even though the truth is against   them. “Keep the government off my Medicare!” is a perfect example of this.  “I want Big Government out of my life!  I want them to leave people alone!” yet these people want the government to be involved with sex, marriage, drugs, etc. These Republicans are convinced that climate change doesn’t exist!  Based on what?  A few scientist (almost all with a political or religious agenda so?  Why do these republicans believe this? Since when has science become a political issue?  Why do they completely accept the three with this view and reject the ninety-seven (who are more accomplished and esteemed in the scientific community) who tell us that climate change is occurring and is in large part due to humans.  Thirty percent believe that President Obama is a Muslim, half believe that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old and over 60% continue to believe that Saddam Hussein responsible for 911.  It is a fact that more guns and more powerful guns are a factor in gun deaths yet Republicans state the exact opposite;  that if EVERYONE had a gun then gun violence would be greatly reduced.

Facts are irrelevant to the delusional mind.  The delusional individual FEELS they are  right. . In order to believe this they have to consistently disregard facts in order to maintain their delusion. Again, why is this a left or right issue? Don’t facts matter?

Many on the right would say that it is the left that has drunk the Kool Aid.  Maybe at one time in our history, but not presently.  Certainly Democrats aren’t immune from groupthink (take the extreme fidelity to public education and the teachers unions for example) and there is significant number of Democrats who align with Republicans in regards to the issues I outlined, but I don’t see any equivalence between the two parties.  If I have a glass of wine with dinner and you have a bottle of wine, we are not both “drinkers”.  I am waiting for those on the right to regain a sense of reality…to believe and fight for what they believe but to come from a place of balance and intelligence.

I’m still waiting…and hoping…

Dr Gary Penn is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist based in Southern California. His book, I Can’t Believe My Life Has Come To This is available on Amazon, His web site is and on Blog Talk Radio here.

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