It is reported that the ASSOCHAM  has said that Bangalore is set to lose the prestigious tag as the IT City.

Results of a survey of 800 CXOs is said to indicate that nearly 30% of the Bangalore based CXOs were keen to shift to Gurugaon and 25% to Noida.

Naavi has been trying to persuade the State Government to take up measures to ensure that Bangalore remains the destination for IT industry.

When a hard core an IT professional Mr Janardhan was elected as an MP of BJP it was hoped that he would take steps to promote IT industry in Karnataka. However the Government seems to have its priorities set elsewhere.

Judging by the lukewarm response to some of the initiatives of Naavi to make Bangalore the focus of IT Security from the Government, it appears that ASSOCHAM survey conclusion may become a reality sooner than expected.

With the change of Government in Tamil Nadu and Mrs Jayalalitha assuming the Chief Minister’s role, it is expected that Chennai and Tamil Nadu will also initiate steps to wean away IT investments.

Recently a group of North Eastern States chose to headquarter their IT promotion initiatives from Hyderabad instead of Bangalore or any other place.

This indicates that outside Karnataka, the perception is growing that Bangalore is no longer a recognized IT hub.

Unless Dr V.S. Acharya, the IT Minister and Mr M.N.Vidyashankar the Principal Secretary, IT and BT recognize the threat and initiate immediate remedial measures, before the end of the current BJP Government’s tenure, Bangalore would have lost its identity as the IT capital of the country.

I invite the attention of the National IT Cell of BJP and Mr Janardhan, the Chitradurga MP who was a former IT professional to take interest in devising strategies to change the disturbing.

Naavi of

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