by Craig Dimitri

With national Republicans struggling to maintain their power on Capitol Hill and throughout America, an ironic discovery has been made: elephants can recognize themselves in mirrors.  This is in marked contrast to Republicans, who would be profoundly pessimistic, if they looked in the GOP’s collective mirror, with just a week till Election Day…

Elephants have a very sophisticated society, and are highly emotional and intelligent animals.  Previously, it had been thought that only humans, chimpanzees and perhaps dolphins could distinguish themselves from another in a mirror.  This discovery was made at the Bronx Zoo, which is managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society.   According to researcher Diana Reiss, this discovery further underscores the complexity of elephants’ substantial emotional capacity, as well as the altruism and empathy they display to other elephants in trouble.

Speaking of trouble, there are a great deal of metaphorical elephants in it, this election season.  The most recent survey by the independent poll Majority Watch (, a joint venture of RT Strategies and Constituent Dynamics, projects the Democrats with 198 safe U.S. House seats, against just 177 for the GOP.  Democrats must win only 218 seats to reclaim power in the chamber.

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