“Robert Downey Jr. is the true man of steel.

I am not a comic book follower so when I saw the initial preview for Iron Man I didn’t even know he was a comic book super hero. I thought he was going to be some space age mutant of a nuclear holocaust. My only prior knowledge of anyone named Iron Man came from my cousin’s Black Sabbath albums in the 70’s. If I had known he was this modern age guy with a cool house in Malibu and tons of high tech gadgetry I would have paid more attention. Now after seeing the new film it is easy to say that Iron Man may be the best comic-to-big screen creation in all areas of superhero adventures. Maybe it has to do with the solid acting of Robert Downey Jr. or the directing magic of Jon Favreau, but for what ever reason, Iron Man rocks the theater like no super hero before him.Iron Man is rated PG-13 for some intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence, and brief suggestive content. Other than a quick romantic scene that is cleaner than most perfume commercials this film is easily safe for most family members 10 and up. Iron Man is a fun, action filled film that is exactly what you would expect a comic book character to be. It is huge and loud and colorful and drives home the point of good over evil and doing the right thing at all cost. There are lots of family geared films this spring and Iron Man may just crush the competition. Speed Racer, Indiana Jones and Prince Caspian will have their hands full if they try to top this mammoth man of steel, or whatever it is he is made of. I give Iron Man a solid 4 out of 5 blinking chest piece things. Buckle up for one exciting ride!To read the complete unedited review, visit the website,

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