Recent news of Iraqi policemen apparently being poisoned upon breaking their Ramadan fast reads oddly like something that happened at the end of World War II between Jewish concentration camp survivors and former S.S. guards being held by the Americans.

According to historical reports, and some recent media reports about these Jewish fighters, “Joseph Harmatz found work at a bakery that supplied bread to American-run prisoner camps. He said he received arsenic in rubber bottles from Paris, which he then used to poison 3,000 loaves of bread. About 2,280 SS men ate the bread, he said, but couldn’t say how many – or if any – died. News reports at the time said more than 200 people were hospitalized, but made no mention of deaths.”

The Iraqi policemen are not comparable to SS officers, but in terms of the tactics of this act…you just have to wonder if the insurgents stole a page from the Jews.

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