It amazes me that the Iraq Study Group was so hailed as a milestone in Iraq Policy. Worse, it has been claimed to be an unbiased deliberation of the situation in Iraq loaded with people with “gravitas” who have no political stake in the outcome.

But, any look at the people on the commission shows a group of people who came into this group with an agenda beforehand and none of them intended to address this task without preconceived notions that they were bound to prove out in their recommendations.

The putative leader of the group, James Baker, had well-known reservations about the entire Iraq enterprise so certainly couldn’t approach the situation in an unbiased way. His most immediate cohort, Lee Hamilton, is a long time Democrat Party operative, so he was certain to be against the Bush Administration, as well.

Not only that but some of the supporting organizations are hardly those that might be considered “unbiased”. Both the United States Institute of Peace and the Center for Strategic and International Studies are filled to overflowing with people who stood foursquare against Bush and his policies in Iraq since the day the president announced his plans.

And now, to further prove how members of this group can in no way be considered unbiased observers, another member of the ISG delivered the Democratic Party’s weekly radio address following the president’s.

Clinton’s defense chief warns of Iraq ‘quagmire’

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Defense Secretary William Perry, a member of the Iraq Study Group, said Saturday that Iraq could turn into a “quagmire” if the Bush administration fails to change strategy.

Perry, who led the Pentagon under President Clinton, delivered the Democratic Party’s weekly radio address.

Referring to the Vietnam War, Perry said: “The term ‘quagmire’ recalls one of the saddest periods in American history, which we do not want to relive. But I believe that is likely to happen if we ‘stay the course’ in Iraq.”

Here was the amusing part of the CNN report above…

The Iraq Study Group report was critical of just about every aspect of the administration’s war policies.

It’s no wonder when there was no one placed in the ISG or its support organizations that weren’t publicly against the Bush team at the start.

And now one of the ISG is giving radio addresses for the Democratic Party?


VERY unbiased, that.

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