Interpol had long known that Saddam Hussein and Abdull Mohammed had been killing masses of innocent people. They were international criminals, but neither person was apprehendend and tried in a court with world jurisdiction for these crimes. Each criminal (suspect) continued to kill innocent people, specializing in Americans, since the suspects portrayed themselves as “warriors against the Great Satan.” George Bush brought the issue of WMD’s in Iraq to the U.N., perhaps belatedly, but the present evidence does reveal that Hussein did produce weapon grade plutonium, possess a gigantic cannon, and killed thousands of Iranians with gas. These are WMD’s. Further, Hussein ruled while millions of Moslems were dispatched in his country who were not of his persuasion.

Admittedly, invading Iraq, killing thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, profiteering from the invasion, denying Iraqi prisoners their rights (including habeus corpus), and appointing a puppet government is not the most desireable way to catch a mass murderer, but it worked, and Saddam Hussein was removed from his continual killing of innocents.

Likewise, Abdull Mohammed, killed hundreds on Americans, and seemed determined to kill more. He was known to be in Somalia, but he was not extradited for trial to a court of world jurisdiction. Mysteriously, however, either a French built helicopter or an AC-130 gunship killed him in combat against Somali insurgents.

President Bush does care about the American people, and he pulls out all the “stops” to protect them. I, as an American, am thank-ful to him for this. I, as an American, am ashamed when we have to go to such lengths in a civilized world to protect ourselves. If President Bush was behind this extermination, I laud him.

I apologize to the international community for President Bush’s way of getting things done, but I also must point out that I don’t think these two killers would have been stopped by the world community otherwise.

[Edited by Simon – typos]  

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