The blogs are full of the Iraq report…

SmallWarJounal summarizes things nicely: security progress, but political reconciliation is elusive...

IraqTheModle blames the politicians for being dumb. Here we have  the US trying to stablize things to take political pressure off to remove the troops, and all they can do is fight among each other…
On the other hand, Strategy page says Alqaeda’s losing: losing men, losing popularity in their Shiite base, and becoming a less severe problem.

So does this mean the US can pack up their toys and go home? Not quite.

The bad news is that Iranian funded/armed Sunni militias are taking their place. A lot of the refugees in Syria and Jordan are Sunnis fleeing violence by these same Shiite murder squads. And Iran’s aim is to become allied with other nearby states. Add a nuke, and you see why the Sunni Saudis are upset. There goes the balance of power.

The fear of Iran among Arabs goes back a long ways…and is the main reason that Saddam was left as a buffer after the first Gulf war.

Whether or not you think Saddam should have been removed depends on whether it makes you feel worse seeing hundreds of dead bodies on CNN headline news or not seeing thousands of bodies because the government controls the news.

Such murders were know, but largely ignored by the press: except for the Human Rights community.

Which is why physician and now France’s Foreign minister Bernard Kouchner and others who were aware of the atrocities long advocated the removal of Saddam’s murderous regieme.

The point that needs to be discussed now is the present, not the past.

A more worrysome point against continued American involvement is the weakness, inefficiency, and political stupidity of the government of Iraq.

Why should American lives die to keep them in power?

Well, maybe because they were elected?
The point a lot of news reporters and bloggers are missing about the government is that a lot of third world countries have governments that are inefficient, corrupt, and who have link with criminal elements.

Which is why they miss the lesson of Viet Nam: A lousy government is worth saving if the alternative is a murderous dictatorship…Or a murderous anarachy.
One doesn’t have to have supported the invasion of Iraq to know that there is more at stake here than the next American election.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician who lives in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 

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