We report when they get it wrong, and now we can report when they get it right…

And it’s about time some American news source describes how well most of Iraq is doing since the US led overthrow of Saddam’s regime. It is a fact that escapes too many in the western media who’s only goal seems to be to attack America in general and George W. Bush n particular.


WHILE the American political elite is using Iraq as an excuse for fighting internal political wars, a different reality is taking shape in parts of this war-torn nation. Wherever some measure of security is assured – that is to say in more than 80 percent of Iraq – towns and villages long left to die a slow death are creeping back to life.

Nowhere is this slow but steady return to life more startling than in Um Qasr, in the southeast extremity of Iraq on the Persian Gulf. Four years ago, this was a jumble of rusting quays, abandoned houses and gutted buildings. By the spring of 2003, its population had dwindled to a few dozen, along with hundreds of stray dogs. There was even talk of abandoning it altogether.

The story goes on to describe how an Iraqi cell phone company is poised to make 500 million dollars this year and how soft drinks and cars are big sellers all across Iraq. Other reports recently have hinted at how well the satellite TV business is booming in Iraq, as well.

But here is an important thing to keep in mind…

But what about continued terrorist attacks? Most foreign investors coming to make money in Iraq shrug their shoulders. “Doing business in any Arab country is always risky,” says a Turkish investor who has set up a trucking company and a taxi service. “In some Arab countries, you risk nationalization or straight confiscation by the ruler. In other Arab countries, you must give a cut to one of the emirs. Here, you face possible terrorist attacks. But such attacks are transitory.”

With the volatility of the MidEast, not just Iraq but the region over, Iraq is no worse than any other country in the region as far as it being safe to create and sustain a business. And it is fast becoming one of the most desirable places to do so with the stability and friendliness to business the US has offered potential investors.

Unfortunately, this story of the economic success of Iraq will never make most of the western media because it doesn’t fit in with the desired goal of destroying president Bush and the USA.

At least, once in a great while, we do get a story here and there that tells us some truth. Good going New York Post.

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