And HERE is the reason why having Iran’s president Ahmadinejad speaking at an American University was a win-win for the bad guys.

The “Kayhan,” the official Iranian news agency, had joyous headlines of Ahmadinejad’s wonderful and successful trip to America.

“Shock in New York, Iran’s Logic Glares”

Strong, scientific and accurate answers of the President of Iran to the questions raised by the academicians in Columbia University made them applause and showed that they are not affected by the propaganda of the American Media. They officially asserted in a poll that they agreed with Ahmadinejad’s statements. The American televisions, which thought tricky questions will surprise the president, showed the program live. These sources, some of which are controlled by the Zionists, were shocked after the results of the poll came out.

According to the poll, the majority of the participants agreed that Columbia’s invitation of Ahmadinejad was a good decision…. Many Americans called the network to emphasize on the importance of freedom of speech in America…

A few people, some of whom were connected to the Zionists, protested against Ahmadinejad’s speech, but the poll showed that these were only a minority in the American society.

The people of Iran are not going to see that Ahmadinejad was laughed at as if he were a fool. The people of Iran are also not going to hear the president of Columbia, Mr. Bollinger, berate him, either. They will see is these nit-wit students applauding him as if he were a great man. The people of Iran will see their nut of a president treated as if he was loved and respected here.

And not only the people in Iran. The whole of the mid east will see Ahmadinejad’s triumph.

Score one for tyrants everywhere.

Minus one for freedom… again.

Good job Columbia.

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