That’s right, I said fuel rationing, IN IRAN. The rationing restrictions, which took effect at midnight local time, are reported to limit private motorists to 100 liters of fuel each month. Given only two hours notice, Iranian motorists are experiencing long lines at filling stations.

At least one filling station in the western suburbs of Tehran has been torched, and early reports hold that three people were killed in the fire.

As you may recall from geography 1101, Iran is situated over one of the largest proven reserves of crude oil in the world. What the liberal professor didn’t tell you was that in spite of the natural resource abundance, Iran has a very constricted refining capacity; So constricted in fact that Iran imports roughly 40% of its gas. The Iranian government subsidizes this imported gas allowing motorists there to purchase fuel at 20% of its market cost. Iranians currently pay a subsidized US11cents per liter for their gas.

This is the part where I go on a long tangent about the obvious advantages of capitalism and wax poetically about why Iran chooses to invest money in “peaceful nuclear programs” instead of building a refinery or two, but I’ll spare my readers the lecture today.

The politics are pretty straight forward. Since Iran has no intention of ceasing its atomic ambitions, they are preparing for the inevitable sanctions on its gas imports.

Perhaps the escalating inflation and cost of living will be enough to make the noble Iranian people say “enough” and force their officials to play ball with the rest of the world. If not, then the sanctions ought to put some extra gas onto the world market, driving prices here in the US down for a while. Either one is fine with me.

On a positive note, this rationing may allow many Iranians to begin training for future careers in the US; taxis and part-time taxis are allocated extra fuel rations.

I am just kidding about the future careers thing. I’d better be nice before I earn my very own fatwa. 😉 I guess it’s good that they’re not rationing toilet paper.

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