Iranian Women Jailed for Wearing Lipstick

Alcohol Leads to Imprisonment

Authorities Cracking Down, Cracking Heads
From today’s BBC News comes another story of Iran’s crackdown on “vice.”

Iranian newspapers have printed a list of moral vices that the police are targeting, including wearing make-up and hats instead of headscarves.

The police say they will also suppress “decadent” films, drugs and alcohol.

This year has seen one of the most ferocious crackdowns on un-Islamic behaviour and improper Islamic dress by the authorities for at least a decade.

But it has now emerged the current campaign has the overt backing of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The police are warning they will deal seriously with any women who dare to wear short trousers, skimpy overcoats or skirts that are revealingly transparent or have slits in them.

Wearing boots instead of full length trousers will not be tolerated, nor will hats instead of headscarves.

Indeed, the police stipulate that small headscarves are out – the scarf must cover a woman’s head and neck completely.

And what happens to these women who dare to wear such “immoral” clothing?

In the last six months, tens of thousands of women have been warned or arrested because of their clothes.

Source: BBC News: Iran launches anti-vice crackdown

What fascinates me is the assertions here in the United States that Iran is a “peaceful” country, that their push for “all things nuclear” is for “peaceful” purposes. And yet this “peaceful” country is throwing their women into jail for daring to wear such “lewd” clothing as “skimpy overcoats” or not covering their “whole neck.”

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Iranian Women, Thousands Jailed for “Moral Vices”


Iranian Women, Thousands Jailed for “Moral Vices”

BBC News: Iran launches anti-vice crackdown

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