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Dress code crackdown in Iran

Police cars are stationed all around shopping districts in Tehran.  Police checkpoints have been set up on busy streets.  Motorists have been pulled over while travelling a highway, and women have been arrested on the sidewalk.

Whenever we see this kind of activity here at home, most likely a nearby bank has been robbed, or a felon is on the loose in the neighborhood.  In Iran, they’re checking for headscarves, and detaining women by the hundreds, for not wearing their headscarf properly.  Read that again… it’s not that the women have left their headscarves at home, but that they have allowed to let some hair show at the front of it.

We’re not talking Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, or Britney Spears type hair shots [and you know what we mean], we’re talking about the coifed hair on women’s heads.  Exposed hair on a woman goes against the grain of Islamic dress codes.  It’s called bad hijab, which we’re guessing is something similar to bad mojo, but we’re not exactly sure.

Taxi drivers have been instructed not to pick up ‘bad hijabi’, which would be people who are demonstrating bad hijab.  It’s not just women, but men too, who sport ‘un-islamic’ hair styles, or have the audacity to wear a short sleeved shirt.  Store owners also, who have tried to sell western style clothing, have been visited by the clothes police as well, if they are selling anything that is too revealing.  That would basically include any type of clothing at all that would define more of the female shape than a burlap bag.

It’s not just the clothes these shop owners have to consider, it’s also how the clothes are displayed.  Mannequins, it seems, are offenders as well.  Any mannequins dressed inappropriately are having their fiberglass chests flattened, with a saw.

Is anyone at the UN paying attention to this?
Any of those countries that want to do business with a Nuclear Iran?
Are certain congressional leaders of ours still of the opinion they can negotiate with Tehran?
I’d certainly do a deal with Ahmahdinejad [aka Ahmanutjob] on a handshake, wouldn’t you?

Full Story: BBC News

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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