A couple of months ago, Iran outraged and sickened the civilized world by staging an international conference, the purpose of which was to prove that the Holocaust never happened or, at the very least, was grossly exaggerated. Iran’s runt of a president, Mahmoud Ahmagenocide — er, I mean, Ahmadinejad — is well known for his insistence that the Holocaust is a myth and for calling for Israel to be “wiped off the map.”

Think about the irony of that for a moment. A guy who wants nothing more than to pull off his own holocaust of Jews just can’t bring himself to believe that someone else wanted the same thing and managed to take out six million before being stopped. Why, the whole idea is simply preposterous, according to Ahmadinejad.

Well, Iran is at it again. An Iranian government-sponsored body called the “World Holocaust Foundation” is demanding that Europe — and in particular, Austria, Germany and Poland — hand over documentary├é┬áevidence that the Holocaust took place. I suppose Europe should probably hand it over, not because Iran demanded it, but to prove to Iran that the Holocaust did indeed happen and to show the rest of the world once and for all that Holocaust deniers are not simply historians trying to correct some perceived historical inaccuracies, but are in actuality Jew-hating bastards and shouldn’t be given the time of day by civilized people anywhere.

Speaking of providing proof for something that seems altogether outlandish, it’s about time that Iran, or someone, provide some for the following: 1.) That Muhammad is actually a prophet of God and 2.) that God approves of all the crazy, violent, despicable things done in the name of Islam. C’mon, let’s see some proof already!

Because without it, there certainly appears to be plenty of proof to the contrary. What do I mean by that? Well, take a look at the Islamic world. It’s a pathetic, backward, ignorant, violent, poverty-ridden basket case, the near entirety of which looks like the land that time forgot and which causes the rest of the world nothing but grief.

If anything its followers say about the greatness of Islam is true, then why doesn’t that huge swath of the planet where it is practiced lead the world in every measure of quality of life? Why has it instead spawned the perversities of endless jihad, suicide bombings, child martyrs, beheadings, female sexual mutilations, honor killings of rape victims and an utter disdain for progress, innovation and modernity?

Hey, maybe they should have a conference in Iran to tackle some of those issues. Whoops, I almost forgot. They already did. Well, the purpose of the conference wasn’t exactly to address those issues, but the conclusion reached by Ahmadinejad pretty much explained it all to the satisfaction of everyone in attendance:

“The basic problem in the Islamic world is the existence of the Zionist regime, and the Islamic world and the region must mobilize to remove this problem.”

There you have it in a nutshell, according to Ahmadinejad: It’s the Jews that make us do all those crazy things. End of story, end of conference. Now let’s get down to the business of pulling off a real holocaust.

Europe can provide all the evidence in the world that the Holocaust happened, but it’s unlikely to change the brick-wall minds of the mad hatter mullahs of Iran, or much of anyone else in the Islamic world. Denying the Holocaust is all about denying what they consider to be Israel’s main excuse for existing. And Ahmadinejad has stipulated that even if it did happen — which he absolutely, totally, one hundred percent doubts — then Israel should be located in Europe or the United States, not in the Middle East.

The presence of the tiny but wildly successful Jewish state in the midst of what is otherwise a fever swamp of backwardness and human failure frustrates the Islamic world no end. That may be the actual source of Islamic animosity toward Israel and what can ever change that — short of the destruction of Israel — is anybody’s guess.

So, about Europe providing that proof that the Holocaust really occurred . . . On second thought, forget about it, it’s a waste of time.

Greg Strange provides conservative commentary with plenty of acerbic wit on the people, politics, events and absurdities of our time. See more at his website: http://www.greg-strange.com/

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