The Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad said today that Tehran will ‘welcome favorably’ a start of  dialogue from the USA if it will happen “in mutual respect and justice”.  But he added that the Islamic Republic is still waiting for a “real change” by the new U.S. administration of Barack Obama.

“The new US administration has announced that they would bring about change and that they want to hold dialogue,”  Ahmadinejad told a rally celebrating  the 30th anniversary of Islamic revolution. “This change must be fundamental, not a mere tactical move,” he said. “The Iranian nation is ready to hold talks but talks in a climate of fairness with mutual respect.”

The remarks come as the  president has reaffirmed its decision to launch a new nuclear phase ‘positive’  for the country.

Nuclear fuel
Meanwhile, President Ahmadinejad has inaugurated the country’s first Fuel Manufacturing Plant (FMP) in the central city of Isfahan to produce fuel to power nuclear plants. Iranian TV  PressTv explains that Ahmadinejad could also announce the setting up of new generation centrifuges at the uranium enrichment at Natanz.

For the leaders of Iranian nuclear program, the initiative shows that Teheran has by now the control of the process necessary to produce atomic energy.

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