The spin doctors have been running amok with this story. Israel is jumping up and down, shouting from the roof tops that this deal is really, really bad! According to Bibi, the US and EU have just handed the keys to Iran to build atomic weapons that will be used to attack Israel. Of course what Bibi does not talk about is that Israel is a nuclear power already. It is OK for his country to make bombs, but no-one else can?

In my view no country should make A-bombs, they are unneeded, unwanted, and a danger to the whole world. MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) was a term used in the Cold War, if you bomb me, I will bomb you!

I think that the idea of Iran having Nukes is horrific, every means possible should be used to prevent Iran building them should be used.

So the US, EU, Russia, and China have created a plan to curtail Iran’s bomb making ability. The press and the GOP have already decided that it is a bad deal. I wonder how many of them have actually read the 159 page agreement? I would guess not very many.

I did read it. Aspects have been taken out of context, the favorite one being that inspectors will not be allowed to inspect a facility for 24 days. This is pure B.S. but it sounds good. Let us look at what the agreement actually says.

67. Iran will increase the number of designated IAEA inspectors to the range of 130-150 within 9 months from the date of the implementation of the JCPOA, and will generally allow the designation of inspectors from nations that have diplomatic relations with Iran, consistent with its laws and regulations.

71. Iran will permit the IAEA regular access, including daily access as requested by the IAEA, to relevant buildings at Natanz, including all parts of the FEP and PFEP, for 15 years.

  1. If the absence of undeclared nuclear materials and activities or activities inconsistent with the JCPOA cannot be verified after the implementation of the alternative arrangements agreed by Iran and the IAEA, or if the two sides are unable to reach satisfactory arrangements to verify the absence of undeclared nuclear materials and activities or activities inconsistent with the JCPOA at the specified locations within 14 days of the IAEA’s original request for access, Iran, in consultation with the members of the Joint Commission, would resolve the IAEA’s concerns through necessary means agreed between Iran and the IAEA.In the absence of an agreement, the members of the Joint Commission, by consensus or by a vote of 5 or more of its 8 members, would adviseon the necessary means to resolve the IAEA’s concerns. The process of consultation with, and any action by, the members of the Joint Commission would not exceed 7 days, and Iran would implement the necessary means within 3 additional days.

The bottom line is that everyone knows where Iran’s Nuclear establishments are. Unlike fictional books, you cannot enrich Uranium in your garage with a bunch of Smoothie makers bought from QVC! To create a rogue, black site, to refine Uranium or Plutonium is frankly a stupid idea.

Will Iran push the edge of the agreement? Yes, of course. Can they be kept in check? Yes of course. Iran has been bombed back to the stone age by economic sanctions.

I recommend that everyone read the whole agreement. If congress does not approve the agreement, who cares? Iran will have won. The US can squeeze Iran all it likes, but with the EU+3, the UN signing off on it, the US sanctions are pointless!

Simon Barrett

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