After Iraqi Kurds reportedly shot down an Iranian helicopter on Aug. 20th, Iran has responded by dropping leaflets on the Kurdish villages along the Iran/Iraq border.

The leaflets warn of military strikes by the Islamic Republic of Iran and specifically state, “The authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran will work on cleansing this area,” the leaflet said.

According to an article in the World Tribune the Iranian helicopter that was shot down contained six Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps officers assigned to direct attacks against the Kurds.

The leaflets went on to say, “Our enemies, mainly the Americans, are trying to plant security hurdles in our country,” it said. “They achieved this through using agents in the [Iraqi] areas of Kandil and Khaneera inside the Kurdish region.”

The Kurdish areas of Iraq have consistently been the most stable and secure areas in all of Iraq, and the Iraqi Kurds who were among the most oppressed by Saddam Hussein’s regime are a major ally of the United States.

If fighting were to break out in that region of Iraq it would certainly put a heavy strain on already stretched American and coalition forces, who are still attempting to bring Iraq’s capital under control.

-Chris Jones
The Hot Joints

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