Iran said yesterday it is likely to attend a regional conference this month with the United States and Syria — to address the violence in neighboring Iraq. The Bush administration insisted its decision to participate did not signal a softening of its hard line against the two foes.  So why do I not believe it – negotiating with terrorists seems to be becoming the norm.

Via Washington Times:

U.S. officials yesterday were at pains to reject the idea that the decision to sit down with Syria and Iran reflected an about-face in U.S. policy. The administration has been sharply critical of both countries, charging them with backing insurgent forces and militias in Iraq that have attacked U.S. troops.White House spokesman Tony Snow said it was Mr. al-Maliki’s government that organized the gathering and issued the invitations. Mr. Snow said issues like Iran’s suspect nuclear programs would not on the table in Baghdad.

“If you’re suddenly expecting chummy new relations, you’ve created a scenario that is not justified by the facts on the ground or by precedent,” Mr. Snow said.

But critics in Congress and in the Middle East noted that President Bush in December had dismissed a suggestion by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group for just such a regional conference on Iraq. (emphasis mine)

I am not sure I even know who President Bush is anymore.  He is waffling and flip flopping – what will it be tomorrow?  His Middle East policies are failing miserably and Condi Rice has been shameful in many of her dealings with Israel to appease the Muslim front.

An Iranian press agency reported Monday that Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem spoke with Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki and Mr. Zebari to discuss the proposed conference. Syria and Iran restored full diplomatic relations with Iraq in November after a break of 25 years. (emphasis mine)

And this is good news?  So much for Prime Minister Maliki and his diplomatic relations.  Talk about sleeping with the enemy – and at this rate the United States is just as culpable.

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