If there was any doubt that Commercialization dominates IPL more than Cricket, all doubts have been removed by the inaction of IPL authorities to take action against Ganguly for  vilation of cricketing norms.

In his match against Jaipur on 1st May, Ganguly had committed two acts of indiciplne, first by being late for the start of the match and keeping the opposing team waiting and again by protesting against the decision of the umpire and directing him to refer to the third umpire.More than the reference, it was the manner in which Ganguly demanded the refrerece that should have been the cause for a reasonable punishment.

But for IPL authorities the adverse commercial impact of an action against Ganguly, a member of Sharukh’s team is more important than discipline and hence pressure has been brought on the Jaipur team to refrain it from making a formal complaint.

Had a formal complaint been made, the match referee would have been compelled to take action and ban Ganguly for at least 3 matches. This would have been a PR disaster for IPL and the Kolkata franchisee.

But what BCCI is failing to recognize is that its liniency to players in IPL will become a frankenstein in due course. Hopefully the BCCI will realize its mistake sooner than later and make necessary amends.

So far Indian fans would have protested if such behaviour was shown by any foreign player. But now thanks to IPL, Ponting or any other player can get away with their own brand of intimidation of the umpires. At that time even if BCCI cries hoarse, Indian fans may not support it.

ICC in the mean time has proved itself to be a spineless  body unable to raise its voice against BCCI’s pet child IPL.

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