The controversy about the Jayalalitha banning Sri Lankan players from participating in the matches in Chennai and Mr Srinivasan’s BCCI deciding not to shift the matches out of Chennai has resulted in this IPL competition  being extremely unfair on various franchisees who depend on Sri Lankan players.

It appears that in all the 10 matches that will be affected, the home team namely Chennai will force their opponents to change their regular team composition including forcing some teams to drop their captains for the match. This means that in 50% of the matches in the IPL Chennai Super Kings start with an advantage.

This is nothing but match fixing at the organizer’s level.

Franchisees should seriously protest this approach of BCCI/IPL and boycott their matches in Chennai.

Let CSK have the dubious honour of winning the tournament with 50% walkover.

Do the franchisees have the guts?

Other States can also consider banning players of different countries so that the local team would have the “home advantage”!. Hope no state would consider banning Indian players! . If J&K team was in the tournament, even this would have perhaps been possible!!


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