The much touted iPhone is finally crossing the boarder to Canada. But unlike its unveiling in the US where outlets could not keep the shelves stocked fast enough to meet demand. The Canadian response is one of shock, disbelief and anger.

Apple have entered into an exclusivity deal with media giant Rogers. And whenever you get a monopolistic situation the consumer loses. In this case the consumer loses big time. Rogers has opted to stick it to its customers by forcing them into a three year agreement. Yes you heard that right, three years! And the penalties for early termination are enough to make you love the IRS. If that were not enough, the plans ranging from $60 per month (you don’t get much), up to $115 (and you don’t get much for that ridiculous price either). There are all sorts of lovely penalties as well, if you exceed the measly 150 minutes offered in the $60 plan you are looking at 35 cents a minute. Go over the allowable Text Message limit, a paltry 75 per month and each one is 15 cents. Beware if you are planning to surf the web with your Rogers iRipoff plan, at the $60 rate you get a 400mb data transfer allowance. The way I use the internet that would equate to a couple of hours! If you exceed 400mb Rogers is going to ream you a wallet lightening 50 cents a meg for the next 60 meg, and 3 cents per meg after that!

You would have to be off your rocker to go with these plans. You can bet your bottom dollar that the other carriers are watching this story unfold. Whoever can get a 3g phone at a reasonable price into Canada has it made in spades.

So incensed are one group of Canadians that they have started a petition to Apple, and in no time flat, even faster than using up your 400mb data allowance, have obtained 9,000 signatures.

Simon Barrett

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