With Iowa Coming Up, the Latest Astrological Predictions for the Republican Candidates

Democrat Candidates Predictions Will Be Up Later New Year’s Day

What do the Stars Say?

We decided to look up the 2008 astrological forecasts of the Republican Presidential race front runners.

With the Iowa Caucuses set for later this week, we decided to see what the stars say about the presidential candidates. The predicitions for the Democrats will be posted later on New Year’s Day.

Right now, let’s look at the astrological predictions for the Republican front-runners.

Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani’s Sun-Uranus conjunction (May 28, 1944; 11:52 am; New York City) makes him an exciting candidate to watch, and in Gemini, gives him an edge with the media. This combination happens to align with the U.S. Uranus, so that he personifies a significant American archetype. This Uranian archetype is technologically-savvy, and keenly attuned to the spirit of war, since it’s aligned with the first-magnitude star Aldebaran.

Giuliani is focusing on his record as a crime-stopping mayor, and promises to be tough on terrorists. This strategy fits his powerful Mars-Pluto conjunction, which is harmoniously connected to his Sun by a sextile. And if his 11:52 am birth time is correct, then his Mars-Pluto is found in the twelfth house – the ideal location to investigate the seedy underworld of crime and terrorism.

The main problem with Giuliani’s candidacy, from a political astrology perspective, is that he has no natal or progressed planets in the 25-degree zone.

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Republican Presidential Candidates: 2008 Astrological Predictions


Republican Presidential Candidates: 2008 Astrological Predictions

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