I like to deal with sane and rational people, so I rarely dip my toes in the septic swamp that we euphemistically refer to as politics. I find all of the finger pointing and negativity to do little but destroy credibility. Long gone are the days that a politician would stand up and say, vote for me because I am going to (whatever), instead we have vote for me because the other guy is an Ass!

Really it just seems to boil down to who is a smaller Ass. The swing voter votes for the candidate that they think will do least damage. It is not the die hard Democrats or Republicans that matter, it is that seemingly ever growing group in the middle.

The nonsense for 2012 has been in high gear for some time, it is as if there have been more Presidential Debates than episodes of The Young And The Restless.  But the Iowa Caucus on Jan 3 signals the official gun firing to start the GOP idiocy.

There is little doubt in my mind that the Democrats are falling off their chars laughing. The GOP would appear to be so wrapped up in destroying each other that they are all coated with mud pies. One would have thought that with 3 years to plan, they would have a strategy of unity, the clarion call being Oust Obama. Instead they are merrily ousting each other.

It is fun to watch, but is it productive? Probably not.

As it stands I can’t see any of these knuckle heads becoming president, although I can peer in my Crystal Ball and come up with some great article title if one of them does.

Pres Gingrich, Newtered By The Senate

Bachman Plays Final Fugue

Santorum Turns White House Into Sanitorium

Nation Freezes, president Romny Wears Mitts.

President Celebrates Lewis Carrol With A Mad Hatters Tea Party

Oh, the potential is too much to even think about.

So, this rag tag bunch have descended on Iowa. I feel sorry for the people that live there. A week of free pancake breakfasts and a continual barrage of negative TV ads is what they have to endure.

Quite honestly I would rather endorse Kermit The Frog than any of these people.

Simon Barrett

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