If it was April/1 I would have ignored this story as just an Aprils Fools joke, alas it is no joke. The New York Daily News Is running an article: Iowa gov launches probe into ‘pink slime’ smear; Gov. Branstad: ‘These are people who do not like meat’

The article is well worth reading, apparently Gov, Branstad is so upset that celeb and potty mouthed brit chef Jamie Oliver took a stance against Pink Slime that he is demanding a congressional hearing. I swear I am not making this up! I am not that creative. Besides which, what the darn does any Brit know about cooking?

Pink Slime has been all over the news for several weeks. Like other ‘not quite food’ products, the big food producers tend to keep them low key. They hate it when they get busted. It does nothing but give them heart burn and hurt the bottom line. Of course Big Food has big pockets, so they tend to get along fine with the politicians.

Pink Slime of course (as the name might suggest) is not the preferred term used by Industry, politicians, or government. Pink Slime is good, Pink Slime creates jobs, Pink Slime fights obesity!

OK. I know I have your attention with ‘Pink Slime fights obesity’. But that was the claim made by Branstad and the always fun Secretary of  Ag (Yup we pay his way) ‘If its good for Big AG, it’s good for me’ Tom Vilsack.

It took a little effort to unearth the entire audio from this lame attempt to rehabilitate Pink Slime, but you have to admire the efforts. The slime press conference was almost 15 minutes, and that is an eternity if you are on the receiving end. At around the 8 minute mark we have this answer to a question. Link.

Now I could be wrong, but didn’t I hear Gov. Branstad talk about some group that was anti meat? I wonder if he was talking about PETA? Personally I think PETA are stupid. I am from the band that says if it looks good eat it. I am also of the hopefully large group of people that actually chose what goes in our mouths. Pink Slime does not seem to appeal to me, but that is only me. I say that Pink Slime should be allowed. It is a free country, if you like Pink Slime you should be able to get it! One wonders why it is not legally sold at your local store? You would think that if this stuff is so good, we should all be able to buy it.

If the Pink Slime industry is going down the toilet, well all they need to do is ask the government. They have bailed out all of the other slimy industries, Banks, Cars, etc, Pink Slime manufactures should get the same deal.

For a ‘rib sticking’ adventure I did snag the entire Press Conference. It was hard to find, and I suspect that this audio will be even harder to find now. But it is more fun than a bath in a hot Ammonia Spa. Enjoy.

Simon Barrett




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